Thursday, 30 January 2014

Gosh. Am I still here?

Yep, I am.

Been running quite a bit, too. The weather has been absolutely fucking shocking, frequent heavy rain. So what did we do? Went up the woods and hit the trails, at least three nights a week. My arse is killing me - the movement is so very different when your foot sinks in to thick mud and pooled water eight inches, and you have to pull it back up at least 10 just to move forward.

And as for that forward motion... The water is deep, the mud is thick. The hills are high. It's fucking hard work. Last night the cloud was low and I couldn't even see the dog, who always stays close. I couldn't see her until she turned around, anyway. Her arse isn't as reflective as her eyes - and she was all of five feet away from me. Thick cloud, driving rain, high winds and cold, all with a headtorch. Ended it absolutely caked in mud, shoes wrecked, and freezing cold.

It was pretty awesome fun.

All for this Tough Guy race in March. Two of my group are doing the half marathon, I've opted for the full. No idea how to train for it, as from what I can gather there is maybe 10 miles of running and the rest is assault course. So we're doing the hardest trails we can think of without being utterly reckless.


Need to hit the gym in a big way though for the next couple of months and get stamina into the muscles. Run, gym, pool. Have done a couple of double-up sessions and they were brilliant. And I have 9-10 weeks to prepare for a complete unknown and to leave my comfort zone utterly.