Thursday, 20 February 2014

A bold step

Well, for me it is.

Next month sees my stepdaughter turn 18 and, as a result, the end of my financial support to my ex. The funds this frees up will partly be used to to pay for the expert services of a coach.

Not like a minibus kinda coach, either. An athleticy kinda coach. I know, right?

Now, I don't consider myself an athlete. I'm more a curious person that enjoys exercise. I'm curious about my potential physically. I mean, I've completed three marathons, but they were all pretty shit. But I LOVED training for them. Absolutely loved it. And now I am feeling more emotionally free, stable and secure than I have in too damn long, I'm wondering what I might be able to achieve. Can I get a 100-miler under my belt? An Ironman? Make my own ultra? Or just be a fit, healthier, happy person that helps others achieve the same and get off their arses?

The person I am employing to kick my arse is based in the US and will be working remotely using heart rate monitor data, and presumably FaceTime or similar to kick my arse. I'm very much looking forward to it, and I have explained the things I need to keep doing - quality time with Millie Dog, and for my running group - and we will be working around/with those things.

Mostly, I think I just need to relearn some good habits. Sleep more. Drink less. Do less stupid shit. Eat breakfast BEFORE walking the dog, for example. Then when she drags me into the sandwich shop to get her morning sausage (not a euphemism. And if it was, what a lazy one it would be. I hope you expect more from me) I won't be tempted by the fatty goods on show. As I am most mornings. Combine that with my beer intake and fuck me, I'm a fat bastard!

So coach's first job is going to be helping me shift around 50lbs of lard. If I get my head in the right place, fat absolutely slides off. And I do quite like being pushed, I just haven't really met anyone that can make me do it. The key is making me want to do it myself, I think.

Enough of my burble. More soon. The Amazing Coach Experience begins March 5th.