Thursday, 19 February 2015

Massive life changes.

And training, and sleeping, and... Everything changes.

Whoever said the more things change, the more they stay the same was talking right out of their arse. In the last year I have experienced more change - and positive change - than probably in the previous 30.

It's been what, 10 or 11 months since I last posted. In that time I have fallen very much in love, conceived a child, effectively become a stepdad again, moved house, and much much more.

I become a father in around six weeks, all being well; the pregnancy is going very well, which both delights me and gives me a great feeling of pride toward my partner. I hope that doesn't sound patronising; my better half has a daughter who is nearly 2.5 years old who was very, very premature, so the pregnancy has not been without tension and worry.

We move into our new (rented) house together in the next couple of weeks; I finish painting the bedroom floor hopefully tonight, move furniture around tomorrow, then we can move my family in when the kitchen is painted. It will all be sorted in the next week or two.

These big changes also coincided with me discovering a problem, a weakness, in my right hamstring, which led to it feeling fatigued basically all the time. I still don't really know why this would be the case; the most plausible reason is from a sports masseur whose wife is an NHS physio; they think it's tightness in my calves and glutes, pulling both ways on the hamstring to create a barrel of crap. Given how tight my calves were, they may have something there.

A change in my overall focus also led to me saying goodbye to my coach; I suspect that a more focussed training is what highlighted the hamstring issue, and I need to resolve that before I go back to her group. My space is apparently safe, it was understood that my focus just needed to be elsewhere so I'm taking time out.

It amazes me how few hours there are in the day. Some days, I actually nap at work (I now have a small office in town, as we are moving out of town and I wanted to separate work and home life, so each gets the right attention at the right time, and I am fully engaged with whichever I am doing to the best of my ability.

Take an average Friday, for example. I get up around five, perform my ablutions, then head out with Millie Dog around 6am. I get Millie to the office about 6:25ish, settle her in, then leave for my first stint of lugging stuff on the market. I'm usually done with this within an hour. It's not heavy stuff, but it's lots of to-ing and fro-ing. My second market client usually arrives around 8am, so inbetween I go and give Millie some fuss. Client two's products are all hardwood, and a few are quite exceptionally heavy. One article in particular often needs three people to move it. It's hard work - but it only takes 15-20 minutes.

Finally, my last client turns up around 8:30am, and that's a solid hour of heavy lifting, unloading a van full of boxes of china and crockery.

Then I get to the office after 9:30 to do the day job, returning to client one around 2:30, client two 3:30, and client 3 around 4pm. Then back to the office for a bit more work, then stumble home.

When we move house, this will be preceded and followed by a 5.5-mile bike ride which rises by almost 1,000 feet over that distance. It's very undulant, and whichever route I take, quite punishing.

I don't think moving house is going to see me lose fitness, frankly. Also, behind the house is access to miles of trails and walks, all over 1000 feet, and it's like running or walking the roof of the world. It's beautiful.

I'm burbling. This is quite directionless. In short: life is good.