Friday, 14 July 2017

I guess this blog needs waking up.

So, since I last posted, we had a son – he is quite ridiculously beautiful, incredibly funny, and he is now just over two years old. We also have another on the way; as I write this, Fern is 39 weeks pregnant, and the baby could be here any day.

We have moved house again after an awful experience with our landlords in the place described in the last post. While checking our legal footing, I learned they were defrauding two mortgage lenders and an insurer, so I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that they were such shitty landlords. I seem to remember them saying to me at one point, 'we're fed up of being told we are shit landlords'; all I did was ask them to fix some shit in the house they owned. You know, be a landlord. It's a role that comes with social responsibility whether you like it or not. We could have sued for various reasons – still could – but I chose not to because really, how much do you want people like that in your life? Fuck that shit.

Anyway, my hamstring issues appear to be resolved, but I have put four stone (around 56lbs, fat fans) on in the meantime. Gah. I am now VERY heavy. I've added some muscle, quite a lot actually, but I've also got mega fat. Hmmmm.

I've been doing high-intensity strength training on my hams/glutes, so curling about 60-70kg (132lbs-154lbs) on them to bring the strength in that group up in line with my calves and quadriceps. It's worked very well, but I do have to maintain it.

And it means I can run again. I just have to get over the fear and get out there now. And yes, there is fear. Fear of being injured again, fear of this not being the solution, and fear of being such a fat fucker out 'running'. It's going to be a long hard road, and time will be at an absolute premium with the new baby. I can't even take the baby out running with me until it's six months and can hold its own head up etc, dagnabbit.

I'm in the ballot for the 2018 London Marathon, and I was hoping that by late next year I might even be in shape for a half Ironman. But right now, I'd like to just be able to run up a big hill without feeling that I'm going to throw up my lungs.

First run is imminent. More soon.