Friday, 2 February 2018

Apologies for the slight break in your viewing.

It's been a tough few weeks with work and stuff, and I have tried hard to fit training in. I finally got out on the bike this week and fuck the weather; I only went out twice, but it was encouraging and fun, and hard enough for me to push myself. Two rides, each of seven miles, as I try to get used to my lovely bike.

It was good, and that was incredibly reassuring. I also had my first crash, 30 metres from the drive, on the way home. I made the mistake of looking up to see how far away the house was (the road to ours is a bit steep, and the road a bit fucked), and the wheel came off the crumbled edge of tarmac, and I hit the deck. I raised my arms, "Yes! First crash!"

Anyway, I have since invested in some gloves, and a couple more pairs of bike shorts. I have also checked out cleats and the appropriate pedals, which is cool.

I have also been swimminhg a couple of times, including what felt like an epic session in the pool; I was determined not to use the walls or floor to aid me, so I did 3/4 of a mile without touching anything. Not so hard, but it was. And why? Because each lap you are basically starting from a still position. Took me 45 minutes to do 3/4 of a mile, which while not quick tells me my breaststroke is pretty decent.

I did that session because the previous one was so disheartening; I just cannot seem to string together even a full lap of front crawl, and I honestly do not know why. I have another lesson tomorrow though, so hopefully I can get Teach to look into that.

I am, of course, no lighter, but I feel pretty damn good. My diet is improving, I am sleeping like a brick, and next week as I am away, I only have one real choice for exercise. That's right folks – next week I start running again, properly. Outside, whatever the weather.

I'm actually quite excited.

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