Monday, 5 March 2018

I had a low.

I did. Just a few days ago, I said to Fern "There's a fucking bike I've hardly ridden, a fucking turbo trainer that's not out of the fucking box yet, three pairs of fucking unused running shoes upstairs, and another fucking bike on the fucking way. What a fucking waste."

She said, "You've hardly used them yet."

She was right, of course. So this weekend, I went into the gym and hit it fairly hard, both days. Did quality cardio (pyramid on cross trainer, run on treadmill) and weights (a little bit of legs (adductor and abductor), kettlebells), then same plus upper body on the second day. And yes, I feel pretty fucking good now.

Still thinking, it's four months away and I have hardly any bike time banked, and the swim is still a fucking wreck. But I have enlisted a new swim coach, and the weather has not allowed me to cycle outside; turbo trainer will be set up tonight.

I binned the old coach because I didn't feel he was listening. Nice lad an everything, but when your student says "I don't think my cardio fitness is up to three strokes then breathe", you should perhaps listen or make that your fucking starting point for the session; also, when your literature says you will only have five people in the pool for adult lessons, don't put seven in there. It makes a small pool a lot smaller.

Anyway, my niece is swim coaching, and she's up for the challenge, so I said why the hell not.

I also joined a tri club, and they seem to be a very friendly bunch of people.

So, it's mostly positive, after some negative.

In other news, other aspects of life are pretty sucky but this is not the place for them.

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