Thursday, 8 March 2018

I unpacked the turbo trainer

I can't say I fully understand how the software and trainer talk, but it works. I did a fuck-off cherry-popping session on it, and the only thing I think I forgot was to put a towel underneath. I got a bit sweaty.

It was kinda fun though. Kept cadence fairly high (90-92), messed about with gears, did 17km in 32 minutes. Watts were around 150-160, peaked at 162.

Of course, the numbers mean next to nothing to me as I simply have no context. Let's just explore the software and see what it and I can do, and how strong I can get. And no, I am not going to buy a power meter. I wouldn't want to punish innocent technology with my manly legs.

If this is what the ride is like in July, I'd have the bike part done in just over 2.5 hours I think. I'd be over the fucking moon with that.

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