Tuesday, 20 March 2018

I'm beginning to remember how good it was to have a coach...

...because the workouts are just there, you don't have to think, just do. Right now that would be such a blessing because, despite having a shit-ton of knowledge of some stuff, sometimes that is not the easiest thing to focus.

And the fucking swim workouts on the plans I have looked at may as well be in Cyrillic. Seriously. They are not in English. I'd love to find a just-get-your-arse-round-it program, that says, 'swim for an hour. Good work, have a cake'. Or 'run for an hour. Great work, now sit the fuck down'.

Dammit, did I pick the wrong sport?

In all honesty, I genuinely do think the programs I have seen are way, way too technical. They are not for true beginners, and assume a level of understanding way beyond where I am.

I guess, for now at least, I stick with the plan - muddle through, build endurance, do some (lots) of brick sessions, and turn up on the day ready to fight.

Next race though, assuming I can afford it (because I honestly cannot right now - the price of heating oil has doubled and we are almost out, for example, and one of the places that helps my daughter is charging from July (a nice new £1500+ a year bill, and though they are worth every penny it is money that has to be found). Bloody fucking money.

I'm whinging. Sorry.

Tonight I will go straight from work to the gym. There, I will smash the fucking treadmill (by which I mean, I will run for perhaps 40 minutes, very slowly), then I will get into the pool where I will swim for an hour. It's not technical, but it will get me to the start line. I hope.

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