Monday, 23 April 2018

A lot has happened, but not that much really.

Gosh, where was I?

I've been so up and down I don't know my arse from my elbow.

Front crawl (freestyle, US Fact Fans) is coming on a little. I can do a length, at least. My kick is a fucking disaster though, so that's where work will be focussed. Arms and breathing all good now, just the kick; legs sink unless I kick at a sprint rate, and the kick is so shitty that if I do it at the correct rate my legs just basically stop me. But with flippers on, I am a fucking rocket.

So that's coming on.

Most I have done on the bike is 17.5 miles, which was not tough but it was pretty slow (13.3 mph average, 121 HR). It puts me at current rate to finish the bike leg in about 4 hours 20ish. Not fast at all, hopefully I can work on that a little (a lot). The bike leg should really be my strongest as it's not weight bearing and leg strength is a big plus.

Hardly run at all since Vegas, though anything up to 30 minutes is nice and easy. But fuck me I am so slow now. I wasn't quick before but now, holy fucking shit. It's like running in treacle. While breathing treacle. And having eaten nothing but treacle for the previous four years.

Haven't bought a wetsuit yet; not done any open-water swimming. Breaststroke still very strong, though. Shoulders are like rocks, legs the same.

And a half Ironman is nine weeks and six days away.


Best get some quality training in. Whatever I do, I know that the day will be different. It will be unlike any brick session (that I haven't yet done any of either), unlike anything else. It will be what it is, and I will have to make it from one end to the other.

Have to start training with carbohydrate drinks shortly, upping the miles, sorting my shit out.

I have genuinely started to take things seriously though. I got some of that arse cream for the bike; I also had a bike fitting, which was really interesting. Tonight, hopefully swim and run, not in that order. I will try and do 3-4 miles of 'running', and hopefully about an hour in the pool if it's not too busy. Kind of like a brick session, but not really as there will ultimately be about 10-15 minutes between the two.

Oh, one major positive from the weekend - for my 'long' ride, I got up at 5:30am. Not done that for a long, long time, and it suits me far better than training late and then eating afterward and maybe getting to bed at midnight. Problem for me is the pool is far too busy in the morning, so it's evenings only for me; but runs and bikes will be moving to mornings, and soon.

I think this is all possible. Let you know in about a week.

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