Friday, 4 May 2018

It's going to be like being punched, a lot.

Life just keeps getting in the way. I get a few days of really good quality training together, then shit just happens. Take this week - finished my deadline Wednesday morning, absolutely shattered after that. Thursday, Fernster comes down really poorly - and she really, really was - and then Joe too. I was worried about the Fernanator, so didn't want to disappear to gym and pool and leave her alone if it was something serious.

She's on good form today, but yesterday was tri club and a coached pool session, shame to miss that. Today though, Joe and Al are down and unwell. Life goes on, but it has ways of throwing spanners into works.

Anyway, aiming to do a monster gym session tonight, then a decent bike in the morning, and hopefully a long, long run Sunday. Going to aim for about 90 minutes, I think. I just need to be getting out there, building stamina.

Longest bike so far has been 17.5 miles, very comfortable; longest run, 5.5, which was tough but was in Vegas; longest swim, 1m, very comfortable. But I know, despite the comfort of the training, that the day will be a million times tougher. It will be as the title of the post.

I've already entered another 70.3 for later in the year, because this one is just to get the hell around it, and see what it's all about. Not that I am not taking it seriously, but I have absolutely no frame of reference for any of it.

I'm rambling. More after I do some decent training this weekend.