Monday, 29 October 2018

Let's try that again.

So, yes. I had a post-race-disaster funk. I've not actually been on Wonderbike since. I've not run. I've not been in the pool.

Partly, this is because I switched to a zero-carb diet and it takes a little adjustment, but mostly, I have just had monkeys on my back and demons in my head.

A lack of activity in me can cause issues; I've had a few problems with my right hip (it's too flexible, there is some weakness in the muscles supporting the joint), and in my right shoulder (rotator cuff, which is a real pain when it comes to helping out with the kids). That kind of thing can stop you training too, but also highlight things you need to address and strengthen. So I've been working on them where possible, with more to come. I'm plotting and planning in my head, because things are, slowly, coming together.

Where do I begin?

Fernster believes I need to look for a different bike; she thinks the Specialized is too twitchy, too technical, and that I need something that will be forgiving and just let me put power down. She may be right. She often is. I will be exploring this and asking experts for advice.

Of course, she may yet inherit Wonderbike off me.

I feel pretty good. I've lost... I don't actually know how much I have lost. Quite a bit of weight. At least 30lbs. But I didn't weight myself at the start of the journey, so I honestly do not know. I do know that I look quite different, which is weird. And topless, I look a bit like I'm melting. But in a good way, right? Hellz yeah. Melting is the new black. I have weighed a lot less than I presently do, but probably never looked slimmer; I know I have added even more muscle, but even allowing for that this is odd.
I'm about 230lbs now, I think I have lost about 30lbs, maybe a bit more. And it continues to slide off, even without any 'real' exercise.

(Before anyone vents at me for trying LC/ZC, I was struggling hugely with sugar after quitting drinking. I swapped one source of sugar for another, of course. Right now, it's working for me; I'll see where it goes and how performance is affected.)

I have won a place in next year's London Marathon, which is pretty exciting. I mean, I've done it twice, it's a big event, maybe this time I will do myself justice and get a time I can be proud of. But mostly, I think Annie will absolutely love it, so I want her to go and enjoy the spectacle.

When the shoulder consistently feels ok, it's time to get back in the pool. And very, very shortly it is time to start running again; I need to get in to doing my hip exercise routine too, though. And for the past week that has been impossible as I appear to have picked up a bug from Baby Al, and have had explosive diarrhoea for almost a week, so gym visits and anything involving floor exercises is definitely out...

TL;DR: I'll be back.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Lazy, and down, but less fat

So, I got into a bit of a post-race funk. I did not come out swinging; life, I felt, kept leg-sweeping me, and I could not stay on my feet. This was compounded by Millie Dog's cancer diagnosis in July, followed by an op to remove a tumour, followed by the cancer returning two weeks later, followed by her going on ahead. She said she'll wait for me though, so I told her when I get there, we'll play all day and run all night. And I had a post in my head, but as soon as I bring her up I forget everything and can barely function. Fuck it.